• Power our Long-standing relationship across the globe to insure the best results for both producers and consumers.

  • Provide best in class financing and logistics services to both producers and consumers, in the process developing long-term, multi-generational relationships.

  • Improve Saudi Emaar position further by achieving sustainable and viable growth rate through excellence in all its activities, generating optimum profits through total satisfaction of shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and society.

  • Retain the position of single largest trader in the country for product lines like minerals, metals and precious metals.


  • Be a leading Trading Company in Saudi Arabia.

  • Operate in the competitive global trading environment, focus on “bulk” as core competency and improve returns on capital employed.

  • Promote Saudi Arabia development of trade-related infrastructure, following Saudi Vision 2030 upgrade Saudi employee skills for achieving higher productivity.

  • Provide maximum support services to the medium and small scale sectors in Saudi Arabia.