In response to the national call for Saudization in all fields of work, Saudi Emaar has taken upon itself the goal of playing a prominent and vital role. It has achieved this through training in an effort to contribute strongly to achieving Saudization.

As a result of the group’s goal of achieving an effective, fruitful program of Saudization, and due to the tremendous growth of Saudi Emaar, successful partnerships are continuously being developed between Saudi Emaar and the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (SHRDF). Through these programs Saudis are trained. After completion of their training program, they proceed to join the group.

In our organization, we have built a culture of creative thinking and smart solutions that deliver growth for the business and enhance visibility in the competitive or complex market considering global warning which covers business needs of our diverse client base in the local and international market. We work as a media agency to create our client's brand awareness, values to create market space for our client's products and services by converting cost into investment in our client's organization doing accurate data analysis and research.

Saudi Emaar has a well-planned program to qualify the Saudi manpower in both theoretical and practical application areas relevant to the group’s skill levels.